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The Threshold takes places in the Forgotten Realms. It begins in the Korinn Archipelago, just north of the Moonshae Isles. Since the premise of the campaign (that the PCs have been abducted by slavers) works best if our heroes hail from the Sword Coast, I’ll begin by detailing that area, then I’ll spread out to touch on other places.

The Sword Coast
The Sword Coast is a region stretching along the Sea of Swords, south of Waterdeep and north of Baldur’s Gate. Some would stretch this definition as far north as Icewind Dale, and as far south as Calimshan.


Baldur’s Gate

Daggerford – Eilir’s hometown on the Sword Coast

The Korinn Archipelago

Mosstone – Zeke’s hometown in Tethyr


Silverymoon – Theronna’s hometown in the Silver Marches

Talbot’s Deep

Waterdeep – Alistina’s hometown on the Sword Coast

Helm’s Hall

House of Silver Twilight


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