Zeke Entry 8

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Dear Ma and Pa,

Miss Eilir said that the symbol we found painted (in blood!) ‘neath the mine cart was fer the Skull Crusher goblin tribe. ‘Parently, they ain’t been seen ‘round here in over 50 years! They’s sure as all the worst hells ‘round now. Mebbe they was makin’ up fer lost time. Lyle started leadin’ us forward through the mine tunnels all careful like. Guess that’s how a professional mercenary does it. Found us some rocks, broken spears, an’ pools a blood ‘neath a rock pile in the next chamber, an’ I’s just about ready to turn back ‘round, but Miss Alistina insisted we had ta keep goin’ ta save her friend.

The halfling thought he heard goblins nearby and waved me on inta the next room that he’d been searchin’ fer traps. Guess he missed one, ‘cos I fell inta a damned pit and on top a somethin’ purple and loud. Fungus, Miss Eilir told me later. Miss Alistina tossed me a rope and I crawled up outta the pit. They was givin’ me a hard time – ‘cept Miss Eilir – and Theronna said somethin’ crass ‘bout Miss Eilir and her daddy that didn’t make no sense ta me, but the comments all stopped when we heard the sound a drums. Theronna said they was comin’ from the north wall, an’ then Lyle found a secret door hidden in it.

Lyle led us through and I stayed near the back a the group ta protect Miss Eilir – and ta avoid any traps the “professional” failed ta see. Was a good thing I did, too considerin’ the hallway we was comin’ up on. We followed the halfling down a narrow tunnel that came to a half-raised portcullis. Past that there was a small room with a little table and a winch that looked ta work the gate. Lyle moved down a hall ta the west a piece ‘fore it juked north. A few feet down the hall, he just barely jumped back in time ta avoid fallin’ inta another pit trap – but this’n had spikes linin’ the bottom! He spotted another couple a pits down the hall, but kept pressin’ forward ‘til his luck ran out and he tumbled down outta sight.

We came up ta the side of the pit and saw Lyle impaled on spikes at the bottom a the pit – unconscious. I held the rope while Miss Alistina climbed in after him and cast a healin’ prayer on him. We was just barely in time ta save him, but his eyes fluttered open and we hauled ‘im back ta the top in a bedroll. Thanks ta the magic, he was right as rain in under a minute and rarin’ ta keep movin’.

There was a pair a heavy double doors with a huge iron pull-ring in the middle of each. After a few moments lookin’ at it, he told us it was trapped, then set ta work with some strange-shaped wire tools I ain’t never seen before. He declared it clear, but when he opened it up a big ol’ rock smashed down onta a steel drum makin’ a terrible racket. I winced and saw Miss Eilir doin’ the same. No sound other than the continuin’ drummin’ we’d heard before followed, so we moved on inta the alcove.

There was Goblin writin’ on the wall that Miss Eilir said was a warnin’ of some sort. We went through another door ta the east, then south to another room with a “Goblin door.” Miss Eilir said the writin’ here seemed ta be a warnin’ fer the goblins rather than fer intruders. Seemed odd. Anyways, the drums was quieter here, which made us all wonder where the damned goblins was hidin’.

We finally came ta a chamber with smooth carved walls – a temple a some sort, mebbe. In the center a the room was a stagnant fountain with a statue of a robed woman holdin’ a scroll case in her three-fingered hand. And on the floor near that was a body – might once a been a goblin, but it was all dried out. We didn’t have too much time ta worry ‘bout that, though. All a the sudden, there was a horrible flappin’ noise and we was swarmed by flyin’ critters!

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Zeke Entry 8

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