Alistina Entry 4

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After Zeke and Eilir found the magic wand we were able to continue through the manor without being caught. Healing Zeke didn’t take much out of me but I hoped that we wouldn’t get jumped by a group of goblins. I don’t think we could have fought them off.

We ended up in the library where Eilir found a magic harpoon. I don’t know how it could be magical but there was an inscription oh it – from the Sea King’s seal. Outside the library we could hear a group of orcs and goblins fighting before they tried to get into the room. Fortunately, I heard them in the other room and we got out quickly.

We were able to get into the room above the catacombs and found Osric there waiting for us. He told us of a secret exit to get down below by using a lever. Of course the lever is stuck so we have to use some leverage to get it loose. No one listens to me. I kept telling them to HEAVE but they got scared at the sound of some goblins coming. I’ll never survive with this group. We finally got the shaft open and everyone wanted to stay at the top. I immediately went down the shaft following Osric. Finally the others came down and Osric pulled the lever shut – keeping the goblins above us forever.

I knew there was something wrong with the old man. He went crazy and started talking about how he entombed the sea king in the catacombs with a magical ring and that he would sacrifice us for the treasure. Theronna was able to skice his nack in half before he could cast a spell on us. Maybe we will survive after all. I just don’t think I’m going to be as trusting with someone new that we meet. But for now we have to get off this island. Who knows what is lurking around the catacombs.

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Alistina Entry 4

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