Tag: Fighter


  • Ezekiel Bale

    |Height: 5'10"|Weight: 180|Age: 17| |Eyes: Blue-Grey|Hair: Blond|Skin: Tanned| DESCRIPTION
    Ezekiel Bale is a human male whose youth is apparent in his boyish face. He is built like a young man used to manual labor. His shaggy hair is sun- …

  • Hafkris

    Hafkris is a hideous and grimy half-orc who reeks of salt air and tobacco. He's very good at punishing his charges, verbally and physically. *BACKGROUND*
    Hafkris has toiled on the _Scourge_ for years, and is in charge of the …

  • Gendry

    Gendry grew up in Waterdeep working in the stables of lords and noblemen with his father. When he was ten he helped out the clerics of the Watchers Over the Fallen where he met [[:Alistina]]. He immediately fell in love with her and …

  • Theronna

    "I am a soldier from Silverymoon. This is where I become a lieutenant of the Guard. One day while escorting VIPs to …